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Quantum Laser therapy in the treatment of human tissues, has been recognized as a factor that is scientifically indisputable. Quantum laser effect of the organism, or various drugs hidden up under the pressure of external factors and regeneration abilities to adapt to the cell level and at the level of biological systems, warns. Thus, tissue repair process begins.

Dr. Vikash Kr. Sahu has taken initiative and started first clinic of its kind in Jamshedpur "Divine-Care". "Divine care has all state-of-the-art Laser Aparatus Russian Technology Equipment.

Our Specialized Treatment

We specialize in various kinds of treatments.

Dr. Vikash Kumar Sahu

M.B.E.H (Hons) M.D
Dip Acupuncturist Laser Therapy (Moscow)
(member of all Doctors association Jharkhand)
Life Member, Asa India.
(Acupuncture Science Association)
Red Cross Society Life Member